Vitamina E

Vitaminas is a project that stimulates and strengthens the development of competitive capacities of communities through multicultural exchanges. Vitaminas aims to create prosperity through entrepreneurship workshops, English and business skills in mining communities or carrying out any agricultural work.

Expected work schedule

You will work 4 to 5 days per week from 5 to 6 hours per day, around 25 hours combining these activities: preparing the classes or activities,teaching and attending meetings with the LC.


    1. It is expected that the trainee has own materials for the preparation of their classes and have the ability to propose ideas to motivate people to participate in these courses must also develop and innovate lessons based on the project guidelines.
  1. It is also your responsibility to participate in AIESEC events such as Global Villages and training, so we ask you to bring typical things from your country, such as food, clothes, music, etc.
  2. You will be responsible to plan some workshops, evaluate the progress of each person you are teaching and send a report to AIESEC every monday in the following link:
  3. You will work with children and adults between the ages of 11 years to 40, from low-income public schools and communities in vulnerable conditions.

Some Requests

Bring typical things from your country like:

  • Food
  • Chothes
  • Flag
  • Music
  • Good attitude