AlfaBeta, is conceived as a solution to improve the life of the illiterate population and also to increase the quantity and quality of opportunities for this population to overcome their current situation by giving them access to education and helping them to find their spot on society.

Expected work schedule

You will teach between 2 and 4 illiterate people, working based on a specific methodology from 3 to 5 days per week and from 3 to 5 hours per day. Working hours include preparation of the classes.


  1. Alphabetizing people who can´t read or write, giving them personalized/private classes. This includes participation in activities related to the needs of the community. You are free to propose new workshops that you consider convenient for the people and together with AIESEC, we will evaluate them to include in the programme.
  2. Follow and create workshops and activities to improve the reading comprehension, analytical skills and basic mathematics of the community.
  3. You will be responsible to plan some workshops, evaluate the progress of each person you are teaching and send a report to AIESEC every monday in the following link:
  4. Develop new ideas to motivate people to participate in the lessons and help the local committee to conduct impact measurement tracking through surveys and videos previously established.
  5. It is also your responsibility to participate in AIESEC events such as Global Villages so it’s REALLY IMPORTANT to bring typical things from your country, such as food, clothes, typical objects, etc.

Some Requests

Bring typical things from your country like:

  • Food
  • Chothes
  • Flag
  • Music
  • Good attitude